boobie pillow™ with cotton case

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Color: blush

What is now everyone’s favorite pillow is so much more than a fighter of cleavage wrinkles; it’s the comforting object that no one wants to sleep without.

Perfectly shaped as a supportive sleep-aid, the Boobie Pillow perfectly rests against the chests and in the arms of sleepers of all ages and sizes. Use the Boobie Pillow nightly and enjoy the peaceful comfort of plush sleep support. Furthermore, women users will appreciate the cumulative effect it has on the texture and appearance of your décolleté.

Directions: Lie down on your back and allow your breasts to separate, ensuring your décolletage is flat. Place the flat side of the Boobie Pillow™ between your breasts and roll to your sleeping side. Position the pillow directly beneath your chin to combat dreaded neck wrinkles caused by staring down at your phone and laptop. Close your eyes and #dreamon. 

Lightweight and cool for year-round comfort, the Boobie Pillow™ is filled with premium down alternative polyester microfibers and finished with a 100% cotton sateen shell with double stitched edges.

Made in the USA of imported materials.