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Meet Sylvia & Elizabeth, the mother-daughter design duo 

LOOK Lifestyle was created by the dynamic mother-daughter duo Sylvia Longoria Dorsey and Elizabeth Dorsey Fertitta. Sylvia opened the doors to Houston’s Longoria Collection in 1993 and welcomed Elizabeth into the business seven years later. Together, the two have spent decades sourcing the world’s finest linens and LOOK was born from that wealth of knowledge and experience.With a passion for luxurious living and a desire to deliver high-quality linens at an approachable price point, Sylvia and Elizabeth have partnered with premier Italian and Portuguese artisans on the exclusive creation of LOOK Lifestyle products. Directing both design and production, they ensure every piece is exquisitely hand-constructed resulting in a rare combination of quality and craftsmanship.

              core values

Heritage, we believe in the power of inherited traditions.

Refinement, we draw inspirtation from the culrured elegance we have inherited from our family.

Value, we keep the issue of value at the forefront of our minds.

Joy, we spread the feeling of great pleasure and hapiness.

Toasts to new beginnings

We were sitting on the beach with a glass of wine in hand when Sylvia confessed to Elizabeth that, after 30 years in the luxury bedding business, she wished she had designed her own line of linens. It was a “light bulb” moment that served as the beginning of a grand new adventure.

our mission

We know that the experiences we desire in our homes have the power to create cherished memories for generations to come. Loving and taking care of our family, friends, and each other is how we define luxury and promote health, happiness and rejuvenation.We believe everyone deserves to live luxuriously and feel the love!

our vision

We want to help create a reality where experiencing true luxury is not limited to the world’s premiere hotels and resorts, but is available for you in your home at an approachable price point. We want to be a part of everyone’s life, from dorm rooms to first homes to vacation homes and everywhere in between!

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within 3-steps.

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Our subscription is eco-friendly, step-minimal and affordable for your needs.

Inspired by our family, made for yours.

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Sleep well, live well
xo Elizabeth and Sylvia