What's in Sylvia's bag?

We recently took a LOOK into Elizabeth’s bag to discover all of the items and tools it takes to be a businesswomen on-the-go! We loved your feedback and are excited to bring to you another part in this “What’s in my bag?” series by giving you a glimpse into the life of LOOK Lifestyle’s other founder, Sylvia.  

I always transition bags from day to night. I usually have a heavier workload during the day and like to travel lighter if I’m going to dinner or an event in the evening. During the day, you will most likely see me with my pale grey Goyard tote. This is the perfect, lightweight bag that allows me to carry all my business essentials as well as those personal items I might need throughout the day. In the evening, I downsize to my new pale pink Valentino leather pouch. This cute and practical bag allows me to carry just the essentials so I’m not bogged down by a heavy purse!

During the daytime, there are a plethora of items I keep in my bag that help me stay fresh and organized. This includes my Chanel reading glasses, Life Savers mints, L’Occitane hand cream, a black Prada makeup pouch and some hand sanitizer wipes. Most importantly, I always need measuring tape for any projects or job sites I might be visiting.

Aside from that laundry list of items, there are two things that I absolutely can’t go a day without, and those items are my Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen and of course… my phone. Remember, sunscreen is the best skincare gift you can give yourself, so always carry around a portable bottle and always reapply. 

I love to try new products and finding my latest obsession, and right now I have two loves that both happen to be lip products! My Laura Mercier nude natural lipstick is a divine, neutral shade and my go to is always Rhonda Allison lip renew serum from my friend Deborah Michaelson at Bella Rinova – it’s the best!

I always have my planner with me to help run LOOK Lifestyle with my daughter, Elizabeth. This keeps me on track and allows me to jot down notes of inspiration or product ideas that come to me throughout the day. I’m also usually always carrying fabric swatches and samples to keep me focused on our products – present and future.

This was so fun! This was a much-needed opportunity for me to go through my bag and rediscover all my favorite items, new and old. It was also a great time for me to organize my bag… let me tell you. I can’t wait to write to you all again, but until then, head over to our Instagram and Facebook and let us know what you want to see more of from us on Pillow Talk!