What's in Elizabeth's bag?


Is it just us or are “what’s in my bag” YouTube videos so entertaining!? We felt inspired by this classic trend and wanted to continue sharing more of our lives with you! Get ready for a two-part series where my mom and I open our bags and let you know what we simply can’t leave home without (starting with me!).

My go-to bag for the daytime is the Celine Phantom tote in pale dove grey. This bag is so easy to throw everything into when I’m rushing out the door in the mornings, but also somehow never gets too cluttered when I need to quickly find my lipstick or sunglasses later in the day. If I’m going out for dinner or an event, I love to size down and grab my Bottega Veneta pouch in teak – it seriously goes with everything!

Starting off – I carry an arsenal of personal beauty and hygiene products that  are essential to get me through the day. My Goop Beauty and Aquaphor lip balms help keep my lips smooth and refreshed all day and my Grown Alchemist hand cream is a total game changer. Other than that, I’m always stocked up on Mentos gum, Clean & Clear blotting pads and hair ties. And of course, these days, I don’t leave home without Purell hand sanitizer wipes!

If I had to choose one item I absolutely could not leave home without, it would be my sunglasses. My Garret Leight rose gold glasses are perfect for the rainy, gloomy days in Houston and my Bottega Veneta dark sunglasses keep my eyes protected on brighter days. I also can’t live without carrying around water to stay hydrated (my faves are Essentia and lime La Croix!) and yes, even pepper spray –– better safe than sorry!

My newest, must-have obsessions are my Pat McGrath lipstick in lady stardust – this is seriously the prettiest pink shade. My lipstick/lip gloss collection is constantly rotating so who knows what you will see me with next week (and another current fave is Dior in #354 nude!)

Last but certainly not least, my bag is filled with all the things I need to run LOOK Lifestyle. Right now, and you’re the first to hear this, I have so many gorgeous fabrics and lace in my bag. We are getting ready for our next product launch, and I can’t wait to share more with you soon! For now, I’ll just let your mind wander about what these fabrics might look like.

It was so fun sharing this with you, and I’m so excited to see what my mom is carrying around these days!  Make sure you head back here next week to find out what’s in her bag!