Tips for a Better Night's Sleep

As you may have heard on the news lately, both the quality and overall duration of sleep were negatively impacted for people across the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sleepers everywhere reported they were going to bed later, waking up earlier and not catching the best Zzz’s even when they were able to sleep. To make matters worse, many of those that reported poor sleep also experienced other symptoms of depression sneaking into their lives.

We know we can’t fix everything, but today we’re sharing four important tips to help you get your peaceful slumber back. Forget counting sheep, these tips cut right to the source of your bedtime troubles and will hopefully help you have a better night’s sleep.

  1. Diet 

Did you know that your diet plays an incredibly significant role in how you sleep? First and foremost, many health professionals have always stressed the importance of not eating a large meal close to your bedtime. Additionally, pay close attention to when you last ingest caffeine during the day – it can take nearly ten hours to leave your bloodstream! This means if your bedtime is 10pm, you shouldn’t reach for a coffee or sugary soda past noon. Trust us, we are sad to report this, and although a nice glass of wine or bedtime cocktail might seem like something that can help you relax, alcohol is also prone to disrupt your sleep (we know… we all might just want to pretend we didn’t read that last line).

  1. Clean Sheets

Keeping your bed sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers and comforters fresh and clean is not only essential to prolonging the life of your bedding, but also to your health and overall sleep quality. The U.S. National Sleep Foundation found that 73 percent of survey responders said they sleep better on fresh sheets. Washing your sheets doesn’t have to be a dreadful chore! Our Angelina and Ava sheets can easily be washed at home on gentle cycle. There’s nothing in life quite like diving into fresh, warm sheets!

  1. Daytime Activities

It probably goes without saying that napping during the day affects what time you get to bed and how deep you sleep. The LOOK Lifestyle team is all about a weekend nap or two, but during the week it’s probably best if you save your shuteye for the nighttime. Just as importantly, try and find time to be active during the day! Tiring your muscles with a jog or fitness class is a great way to make sure your body is yearning for some sleep by the time bedtime rolls around.

  1. Atmosphere

Keeping your bedroom cool and dark is essential in creating a sleeping oasis. Make sure you’re not using bright electronics too close to bed, and it may even be wise to invest in blackout shades if you find yourself not getting a full night’s rest. We love creating a comfortable space with candles from Longoria Collection – our personal favorite is Diptyque Baies. We also recommend taking an occasional Knock Me Out supplement from goop (just make sure you don’t work this into your routine every night, as your body could become reliant on it.)

As bedding experts and self-proclaimed professionals of sleep, we hope that this focused list of bedtime tips helps you find substantial sleep, satisfying dreams and that incredible, refreshed feeling each morning! We have spent so much time perfecting our bedding products to make sure that they are cool, comfortable, easy to care for and just as easy on the eye! Peruse our options at the shop tab above or come visit us at Longoria Collection in Houston to take a LOOK for yourself.