Still Counting Threads

Still counting threads? You must be exhausted trying to understand how to achieve a perfect  night’s sleep by counting threads...we are here to take you beyond the mystic of thread count to ensure that you can finally rest easy. 

Remember when we said in a previous blog that thread count, well, it doesn’t count? Thread count as an indicator of quality has unfortunately been manipulated and misused to promote mediocre sheets. Some linen lines blur the issue even further by twisting threads together to  claim high thread count. It is easy to be lulled into thinking that more is better, as in higher thread count. Experiencing fine sheeting is the ultimate guide to defining fine linens for yourself. 

italian linen production

A luxury sheet doesn’t define itself by the number of threads per square inch, but by the  experience it imparts. How does it feel, is it made of long staple cotton to give that smooth  touch to the skin when you slip into bed? The origin of the sheeting fabric matters also—where  it’s made is a major indicator of the finest quality. LOOK Lifestyle sheets start their journey to  you by being woven by the finest artisan weavers in Italy using long staple cotton in a modernized centuries-old tradition that imparts an assurance of refinement in every square inch of sheeting. 

linen staple length example

At LOOK Lifestyle, we invite you to experience luxury sheeting direct-to-consumer from Italy, and enjoy a deeper understanding of fine linens without the thread count hype.


Written by- Cherry Damianoff