Personalization Fit for a Princess!

Designing the perfect bedding can be a daunting task, but LOOK Lifestyle aims to make the process of personalization simple and enjoyable! Being able to personalize one’s LOOK has always been the goal, and with multiple monogramming styles, the possibilities are endless! Through countless hours of research, Elizabeth and Sylvia have achieved the highest quality of monograms threaded into their products. 

 Monogramming adds texture, color, and life to bedding and bath. LOOK Lifestyle offers twelve thread color options, including three vibrant ombre threads (exclusively available at our flagship store in Houston, Texas). There are also six monogram styles to choose from when designing linens. Customers can customize sheets, towels, and even Boobie Pillows with unique monogram designs and colors! 

In addition to the monogram, color must be considered when designing a bedroom. Color and patterns can shift an entire space and evoke emotion within the viewer. When personalizing bedding, one must be aware of the feelings carried with specific colors. If the color blue brings a sense of peace and calmness, then designing bedding that fulfills these relaxing energies may be the priority. LOOK Lifestyle can assist one’s need to create a space revolving around any color they desire. 

If blue is what is envisioned, try the Angelina sheet set, the Coco quilt, Angelina pillowcases, Dorothy shams, and the Dorothy blanket, all in blue. To complete the look, a white Boobie Pillow with a blue monogram is a must. By mixing different textures like the cotton sheet set and the silky shams, it adds life and depth to the bedroom. 

If someone were to personalize a space with a monogram, there are various colors and styles to choose from, all designed in-house. Why not create a fun pop in a powder room? At LOOK Lifestyle, nothing is too outside the box.