Percale vs. Sateen--The Difference

We love our sheets whether they are percale or sateen. Both styles have a place in our linen closet. LOOK Lifestyle weaves both types of sheets in Italy from the same luxurious long staple cotton. 

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between percale and sateen? Take this quick yes or no quiz to help define your preference.

  1. Do you like your sheets to caress you like a gentle breeze and to be crisp and cool to the touch for the perfect sleep experience?

  2. Or do you prefer to wrap up in soft, silky, buttery smooth sheets that you could cocoon in all night long?

LOOK Lifestyle Percale Sheets

If you answered yes to the first question, you probably prefer the flat, tight construction of percale. It achieves this cool feel by the way the cotton is finely woven. This allows the fabric to breathe making this the perfect choice for people who sleep hot at night. Percale wrinkles a bit more than sateen sheets. If you prefer a natural relaxed look and don’t want to press your linens, simple care in the washing and drying phase can minimize the wrinkling.

LOOK Lifestyle Sateen Sheets

A decided yes, to the second question, has you in leaning into the dreamy world of sateen sheets with their heavier, silky feel and lustrous finish. People who sleep cool will enjoy falling into bed and wrapping up in a set of sateen sheets. Though percale sheets tend towards wrinkling, sateen sheets are more forgiving of wrinkles. And if removed promptly from the dryer, sateen sheets can be smoothed out by hand to minimize wrinkles, or pressed while damp, on the reverse side to maintain the trademark sheen of sateen.

This is a simple intro into our world of fine linens. We believe that how we experience the luxurious world of linens is important. And choosing the right sheet is a perfect place to start.


Written by-Cherry Damianoff