Passports and Palm Trees - Unpacking Our Summer Travel

As travel reopens to the world, a luxurious summer escape is what everyone is looking for. And though unlimited spa treatments and poolside services are spectacular, nothing can compare to the feeling of seeing a new destination for the first time! Here are LOOK Lifestyle Founders and Creative Directors, Elizabeth and Sylvia, travel go-tos for summer.

Beach or mountain vacation?

Elizabeth- I am a sea level girl.  I love the beach and I love watching the ocean.  

Sylvia- BEACH!  There is nothing more relaxing to me than being by the water.  

Go-to summer spot for a family vacation?

Elizabeth- California!  I grew up in Los Angeles for a bit in middle school and high school. It is the most fun for us.  We love the cooler weather and all the great shopping and restaurants. Our kids love it as much as we do so, it’s just so fun.  

Sylvia- We rent a house every summer in Southern California, and it is our happy place. We love to slow down and enjoy all it has to offer.  We also find a lot of inspiration in California. There is so much creativity and wonderful companies and products that come from the West Coast. We love to work while we are here to because there is so much to be inspired by.  

 What can you not travel without? 

Elizabeth & Sylvia- We both totally agree on this one. There is literally no way we can be without our Boobie Pillows. Once you sleep with it and realize how comfortable it is, it is very hard to be without it. I am not kidding.  


Why is the Boobie Pillow a necessity for travel?

Elizabeth & Sylvia - When you aren't in your own home or the comfort of your own bed, I have found that the Boobie Pillow really makes you feel more at home. You know how hotel pillows just aren't the same as what you are used to? The Boobie Pillow eases this problem right away.  


Do you prefer a window or aisle seat on the plane? 

Elizabeth- I prefer a window seat because I’m not the best traveler and I am definitely a control freak, so I like to be able to see what's going on outside.  

Sylvia- I prefer the aisle because I like to be able to get up and move around and not have to leap over people. Travel is quite interesting these days. 


What is your favorite stamp in your passport? 

Elizabeth- Mine is Italy! My father-in-law is from Sicily and a couple of years ago took all of his boys and their families on a bucket list trip to Italy and Sicily. It was so incredible and memories that will live with us forever

 Sylvia- Italy. Florence is my favorite place on earth. I am an art history major, so the art and the churches blow me away. I also love the shopping in Florence. Everything is just better there!