LOOK Lifestyle Introduces… Monograms!

We’re sitting down with LOOK Lifestyle Founders and Creative Directors, Sylvia and Elizabeth to find out what’s currently inspiring them and learn all about the latest LOOK offering – monograms! You’re invited to thread your way into the wonderful world of personalization and monograms as re-envisioned by this creative mother-daughter dynamic duo.

Ok, you amazing ladies, let’s create a thread that leads to the heart of what excites you both about the addition of monograms to LOOK Lifestyle?

Elizabeth: Personalization at entry-level pricing that fits into the modern approach of the LOOK Lifestyle brand... that’s what I envisioned from the beginning. A way to personalize YOUR experience of LOOK Lifestyle through choosing a specific stylish monogram and thread color that says, this LOOK is mine! 

Sylvia: I was excited at the thought of taking my passion and eye for interior design— and my love of needlepoint (bet you weren’t expecting that?!) – and applying it to the actual selection and production of the monogram styles, including the details of sizing and placement. It’s hard to imagine, but choosing the 12 thread colors, including four to coordinate with the Angelina Sheets and Babe Towels, turned out to be one of the most challenging aspects of this creative process. My design aesthetic influenced the choice of the remaining colors to resonate with the vibrant, fresh colors found in nature.

Elizabeth: Sylvia basically turned her spacious kitchen into a monogram workshop... totally covering her marble counter tops in her pristine kitchen with Angelina Sheets, Shams, Babe Towels and these spools of gorgeous thread colors, including three vibrant ombré thread colors. By the way – I’m officially obsessed with the ombré color monograms in pink, green or blue ombré thread! 

Sylvia, your home looks like a feature in Architectural Digest – simply perfection! It’s hard to believe the calm and order of your home has been replaced by the loud humming of a monogram machine and mounds of linens!  

Sylvia:. Well, I have to laugh, because it’s true – I eat, sleep and-breathe monograms now. But you have to understand that I want to know how all of these monograms that I’ve researched work, from start to finish. I’ve had this huge monogram machine situation looking very out of place in my breakfast room and kitchen while I’ve figured all of this out. It’s allowed me to experiment morning, noon and night – whenever I’ve had a spare moment and a new idea. It’s all in the details! 

Elizabeth: My mom is all hands-on with this new addition of monograms. She wouldn’t hand it off to a workroom, but wanted to personally select all the monogram styles, placement and thread colors to complement the clean lines of LOOK Lifestyle. 

So why monograms now?  

Elizabeth: I’ll take this one! Monograms have always been part of our dream for LOOK. Personalization is another layer for styling your linens. It’s visual, textural and adds a pop of color that’s fun.

Sylvia: How we style our homes reflects who we are... our bedrooms shouldn’t be any different. In fact, it’s the most intimate space in the home and should certainly reflect how we see ourselves. 

How does this new launch complement the LOOK Lifestyle aesthetic?  

Sylvia: I’ve spent hours and hours researching monogram styles to bring the perfect current selection of six styles to complement our brand to our customers. I found modern, elegant styles as well as clean lined letters – designs that captured my imagination and I knew would translate well on our products, such as the Babe Towels and Angelina Sheets. 

Elizabeth: Most importantly, it gives the LOOK Lifestyle customer confidence when selecting a monogram for themselves or for a gift – think bridal registry, dorm rooms, etc. – that they’ll have the perfect complement added to their linens. 

Sylvia: It’s been a labor of love. I’ve even named some of the monograms after family and friends! 

Elizabeth: Monograms are definitely the finishing touch to your linens and give you the freedom to create your own personal style. 

To shop the entire LOOK Lifestyle collection, including customizable monograms, please visit looklifestyle.com or visit Longoria Collection in person in Houston, Texas!