LOOK at What We Are Listening To!

Like a flamingo-clad wallpaper in a powder room, I find that my music taste is adventurous and colorful. I wanted to offer you all a look into my music tastes and my go-to jams for everything from sun-filled mornings to an evening with family and friends. Over the past week, I made it my mission (between the carpooling and working like a crazy person) to jot down my tried-and-true favorite songs for the special moments in our lives.

During my busy mornings, upbeat songs are a must! I noticed how my kids and husband really ramp up the speed during their morning routines when we are all singing along to “Tiny Dancer” or “American Boy.” I wanted to create a playlist that will keep a beaming smile on your face even when the cereal is being spilled all over the floor or you’re halfway down the street and your son has forgotten his backpack. How can anyone get mad when shouting along to “Come On Eileen”!?

Switching gears, I found it was more difficult to create an evening playlist. We never know what our nights will be like around our home. Are we hosting a dinner party? Having friends over for a glass of wine? Hosting a fun-filled kid’s sleepover? For whatever the occasion, I wanted to create an evening playlist that blended classics that anyone could sing along to with more melodic and relaxing remixes.


When creating LOOK Lifestyle with my mother, we always knew this brand would exist not only as a luxury linen company, but as an extension of our personalities. We truly love being part of your lives and sharing a peek into ours – from the first song we want to listen to when getting our day started to the exact items we like to keep on our nighttime stands. Come be a part of our journey by following along with us on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook