LOOK at These Towel Care Tips!

Hey, Babe! We are still over the moon about our newest addition to LOOK Lifestyle… the Babe Towel Collection, a modern twist on a timeless, classic style.

Born from a collaboration with a family of artisans in Portugal, our handmade line of luxurious cotton towels we aptly named Babe are crafted from the finest, long-staple combed cotton and woven with the time-honored zero twist technique.
Wrap yourself up in Babe and enjoy the luxurious experience of this supremely absorbent 100 percent cotton towel. The beauty of a well-constructed towel shows in the distinctive characteristics of Babe. Starting with a weigh in at 600 gsm (grams per square meter being the hallmark of a quality towel - 600 gsm being the sweet spot between a thin 300 gsm or a bulky 900 gsm towel), the towels still deliver a welcoming lightweight design and splendidly soft-to-the-touch feel.

Each towel is finished with a single row of satin stitch embroidery and a sewn-in loop for easy hanging and drying. We love these details that make our products extra special. The decorative satin stitch details that embellish Babe towels also come in colors that perfectly match our Angelina Sheet Collection and fit right in with your home decor.

Below, we’re breaking down a few tips and tricks for our handcrafted, cotton towels so you can keep your Babe towels as soft as the day you bring them home:

• Wash new towels before using. Use cool water and a gentle setting when washing. This allows the absorbent nature of the towel to come to life before the first use.
• Go easy on the laundry detergent usage - less is better! Towels can cling to detergent residue, which can make white towels dingy, stiff and unwelcoming. Ditch detergents with bleach or bleach alternatives. These additives discolor towels.
• Avoid fabric softeners and dryer sheets that will coat your towels and make them less absorbent.
• Gentle care is best with all fine linens, and towels are no exception. Towels should not be left wet in the washer. Remove towels when the wash cycle is completed and give them a shake to keep from bunching in the dryer.
• Try our wool dryer balls to keep things tumbling along and separated in the dryer. They also help speed up the drying process. Dry on a warm setting, not a high heat which will damage the natural fibers. Finish on a cool setting.
• Remove when dry, smooth out by hand and fold the towels.

LOOK Lifestyle bonus tip: if a towel snags, take a pair of scissors and cut the snag off level with the terry cloth towel loops. This keeps the snag from developing a pull in the fabric of the towel.

We hope these tips help you take care of your Babe towels!