Linen buzz words...Your answers here...and thread count, well, it doesn't count.

We are all about romancing the story of fine linens and at the same time sharing our deep insider knowledge on how to navigate the nitty-gritty of buzz words, like thread count and long-staple cotton.  Instead of going down an internet rabbit hole in search of the definitive answer to the dilemma of choosing the perfect sheet set, we’ve made a quick reference list. This is our short list to finding the experience you’ve been dreaming about:


  • Decide if you are generally a hot sleeper or a cool sleeper. You may be a hot sleeper only in the summer and a cool sleeper in the winter––that’s ok. You can switch sheets with the seasons. For the rest of us, we usually have a definite internal temperature setting that dictates how we sleep. Knowing if you like to slip between cool sheets or if you prefer sheets that have an inviting, slight warmth to their feel would be key to this first step.


  • Once you’ve checked in with yourself on how you sleep, it’s time to choose a percale sheet or a sateen sheet. Percale fabric sleeps cool, and is a lightweight, crisp sheet with a matte finish that’s perfect for hot sleepers. This featherweight sheet gently rests on you while you drift off into dreamland. Sateen’s lustrous fabric sleeps slightly warmer due to its denser weave. Its smooth, luxurious feel drapes and caresses, holding us in its embrace while sleep beckons.


  • Wake-up call––not all sheets perform equally in bed. Look for long-staple cotton on the label. This will ensure long lasting––think stronger, finer, breathable sheets, no matter if they are percale or sateen. Long-staple cotton also give that trademark smooth touch to the hand of fine linens.


  • Have you noticed that thread count is not found at the top of this list? We don’t want you to spend your time in bed counting threads and trying to figure out how many threads to a square inch. Did you know that’s how thread count is determined––threads per square inch? Instead, we want you to enjoy your sheets and understand that how they are made, what they are made of, and where they are made matters more than thread count.


  • Italy––the place of dreams, beauty, and the world’s finest, most luxurious linens. We look for linens made completely in Italy by the artisans of fine linens. From start to finish. Period.


Parting thoughts; always check for these three things when choosing cotton sheeting: the weave––percale or sateen, long-staple cotton, and check that the sheets are made in Italy. Dream on!


Written by- Cherry Damianoff