Uncovering Bedding Basics... Coverlets

Today we are pulling back the covers to understand the top layer to styling a bed. It can be confusing when you’re trying to decide if you need a coverlet and a duvet—or simply a coverlet? And what is a coverlet anyway? 


A coverlet can be described as a type of light-weight top of the bed cover. There are different names for the coverlet, too, depending on the construction: quilt, blanket, matelassé, and blanket cover. Once you understand the options available you can choose one that is stylish, practical, or comfortable—or one that combines all these points.


At LOOK lifestyle, we like to layer the bed with our cotton sateen Coco Quilt. The Italian artisan-made modified double diamond quilt of the Coco updates the classic diamond pattern. The construction of the quilt is made for today’s lifestyle which calls for a coverlet that looks sleek and contemporary; but one that can be tossed into the laundry when needed and return looking refreshed and ready to go straight back on the bed.

coco coverlet diamond pattern machine washable

The Coco can be used on its own to style the bed. It creates a light-weight cover that allows making the bed to be a breeze as it quickly smoothes out any wrinkles that were overlooked when straightening the sheets. The ends can be tucked under the mattress for a platform bed or to give a contemporary update to any bed. Otherwise, it can drape on the sides and show off it’s handsome 3 inch sateen band.


Coverlets do pair well with duvets when more warmth is needed. Or when the look of adding a duvet folded in thirds at the foot of the bed is desired. Another twist to styling the bed is to layer the duvet under the Coco Quilt. This allows for added warmth when needed and keeps the billowy nature of the duvet under wraps.

coco coverlet with Ava White Duvet at the end of bed

Another option is our luxurious and silky Dorothy Blanket made in the USA. Constructed from washable poly silk charmeuse, this classically inspired and geometrically exaggerated diagonal diamond quilted pattern makes the perfect stand alone coverlet to style the bed or the perfect finishing piece folded at the foot. A totally washable blanket that develops a dreamy matte finish and a softer hand with each washing.

coco coverlet with Dorothy blanket

Both the Coco Quilt and the Dorothy Blanket are available in all four LOOK Lifestyle signature colors: white, blush, ice, and pearl. Styling your dream bed with LOOK Lifestyle co-ordinated lines is only a click away.


Written by- Cherry Damianoff