Linen Care Basics –– The Washer.

Linen care should be easy like Sunday morning. That feeling of slipping between the sheets of a freshly made bed of clean linens is divine.

When linens are cared for properly they get more and more luxurious over time.

Hand Wash Only

We enjoy our dreamy linens and want to keep them staying fresh, clean and picture perfect for as long as the life of the linens.

The essentials for laundry washing perfection follows :

  • Change and launder sheets at least once a week.

  • Wash sheets separately from other items.

  • Check for any stains and spot treat before washing. Do not use bleach.

  • Never overcrowd your machine. Linens need space in the machine to absorb water for best results.

  • Wash on a gentle cycle with warm water.

  • Do not use detergents with brighteners or bleach. (Have we mentioned no bleach?) These additives weaken the natural fabric fibers. Detergents with these additives can even alter the color of white linens as well as sheeting with color and any gorgeous embellishments such as embroidery.

  • Very important –– do not overuse detergent. We recommend half the amount normally used for a load of linens. Using more detergent than necessary can leave a residue which attracts soil and causes dinginess. Less is definitely better when it comes to detergent and washing linens.

  • Fabric softeners should not be used. That includes dryer sheets. These can also weaken fibers and leave a film on fine linens. Instead, use wool dryer balls. More about those in the section on drying linens.

  • Remove linens promptly from wash when the cycle has finished.

    Luckily all LOOK Lifestyle linens come with a care label attached. The label has very clear guidelines both written and with the universal linen care symbols for a handy reference.


Written by-Cherry Damianoff

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