Linen Care Basics –– The Dryer.

If washing linens should be easy like Sunday morning, then drying linens should be easy like a day at the beach. We would love to run out and hang our linens on the clothes line and get that crisp, fresh, sun dried feeling....but, that’s not happening!

Instead we are making friends with our dryer and learning how to optimize the results for the longevity of our linens and to minimize wrinkles.

Taking care Luxury Linens

We’ve already taken a deep dive into laundry basics from the POV of washing. Now comes the insider scoop on how to properly dry those beautifully laundered linens as follows:

  • First a reminder – promptly remove the linens from the washer to place into dryer.

  • Gently shake to loosen any twisting that may have occurred in the spin cycle before placing in the dryer. Smoothing the linens prior to drying helps to minimize deep wrinkles from forming.

  • As with the washing, do not over load the dryer. Linens will dry more evenly.

  • Place linens into the dryer on the lowest heat setting to avoid damaging the natural fibers and to avoid wrinkles. High heat can also increase shrinkage.

  • Do not use dryer sheets, these weaken fabrics. Instead, consider wool dryer balls to soften fabric, lessen drying time, and help keep fabric from wrinkling.

  • Remove linens promptly from dryer while slightly damp. Smooth and air dry or press while still damp.

  • Linens must be throughly dry before storing. And should always be stored in a cool, dry area.

    Most important take away –– do not over dry linens in the dryer or use high heat. Linens can last many years with a minimum of effort, but a bit of attention to laundry care details will insure the longevity.

Written by- Cherry Damianoff
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