A LOOK Into Our Mother-Daughter Relationship!

This Mother’s Day, we are featuring LOOK Lifestyle Founders and Creative Directors Elizabeth and Sylvia, to take a look into their working relationship not just as business partners, but also as a mother-daughter duo. 


What makes your mom special? What makes your daughter special?

Elizabeth:  My mom is such an inspiration to me.  She is so creative and has such impeccable taste and an energy that won't stop.  I can't believe what she has accomplished in business.  It's an inspiration.  She is also the best grandmother to our children.

Sylvia: Elizabeth, is so creative and has her finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest.  She is very passionate and has big visions for Look Lifestyle.


What is your favorite thing about working with the other person?

Elizabeth: I love working with my mom because she truly started something so unique with Longoria Collection.  Working with her and at Longoria Collection has taught me everything I know.  Whenever I feel overwhelmed she knows it, because she's my mom,  and tries to help in anyway she can to alleviate my stress.  It's just the best. 

Sylvia:. She makes coming to work so much more fun and special everyday.   Our conversations are pure joy.  We bounce ideas off each other and come up with solutions that are creative and work for the brand.  Seeing her in her element and creating is wonderful as a mother. 


What are the benefits of a working mother-daughter team?

Elizabeth: I think we have opposite strengths.  I can handle the aspects of the business that she doesn't feel are her forte and vice versa.  It is so wonderful having someone to bounce things around on.  I could never have done this alone.  There is also an honesty that comes very naturally when with working with your mother. 

Sylvia: We communicate so well.  There is no need for  tip toeing around each other.  There is just pure honesty in all of our conversations.  That doesn't mean we don't disagree at times, but we are able to communicate in a way that is really open and easy since we are a mother/daughter team. 



What would your advice be to create a strong bond between mothers and daughters? 

Elizabeth:  I don't know that there is a formula to this.  We certainly have our moments, but for the most part we work in sync and agree on the vision for the brand.  There is certainly a mutual respect that we have for one another that strengthens our bond and makes working with one another so easy! 

Sylvia: I would imagine for some it could be difficult to work with their family members.  We have worked together for 25 years.  At this point we are professionals at it!  Our ideas, gut instincts and direction for the brand are so concretely aligned that it really helps us to stay on track and true to our vision.  I can't imagine not working with her. 


What moments do you find most meaningful with her?

Elizabeth: You know, the most meaningful times with my mom are spent just hanging out in our backyard.  We live right behind my parents, so we tore down the fence and share a yard with my parents.  So I work with my parents and basically live with them too!  Ha! 

 Sylvia: The quiet times.  Being on vacation together.  We seem to get very inspired by travel, and those moments really foster some of our most creative moments together.  The whole idea for LOOK Lifestyle came to be while having a mother daughter talk on vacation a couple of years ago and here we are!


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