A "LOOK" into Elizabeth Fertitta's Life

Meet Elizabeth Fertitta, one-half of the mother-daughter duo behind LOOK Lifestyle. Serving as the captain of two thriving businesses, Elizabeth knows best – being a working mom is no joke! We snuck some time into Elizabeth’s schedule to catch up with her and to finally answer the age-old question: “how does she do it?”

First things first – what is your morning routine?

I really like to wake up bright and early at 6:30am (and although I can’t nap during the week – I love a weekend nap!). After getting out of bed, I immediately brush my teeth and apply my depuffing eye patches. One extra special thing I love during mornings is playing music all around the house with our Sonos so that I know everyone in the house is getting their day started to the same uplifting tunes. Although nobody in our home eats breakfast, I can’t live without my two cups of coffee… and if we do eat, you can’t beat a fresh bagel.

How do you stay organized?

I am an organization freak! I mean, I have to be as a working mom with two kids and two businesses! I have a running to-do list that I update each hour to make sure I’m prioritizing correctly and staying on track throughout the day. I try to live my life with a family-first approach to everything, but second to that are all the important deadlines and must-dos that come with running a business.

What is running LOOK Lifestyle like?

Oh, I absolutely love it. Seeing this passion project come to life has been so rewarding. My favorite part about it are the different creative processes that must be handled each day. It’s beyond exciting to create new products. Of course, sometimes I get pangs of nerves and doubts, but if you believe in something, it’s important to listen to your gut and push through your fears. 

I’m also thrilled about a new product category that we are working on right now that will hopefully launch this fall. We have to keep this a secret for now, but I can’t wait to share the news! I’m having a blast immersing myself in the creative process right now!

What is it like running a business with your mom?

It couldn’t be easier! My mom, Sylvia, and I work really well together. I think it’s because we have the same eye for aesthetics and design, so it’s very easy for us to make important decisions together. Everyone at work calls me my mom’s “Bossy Boss” – I have no idea why?! Ha!

Are you reading any good books right now?

Everyone in my family pokes fun at me because I never read! I hate to say that, but I can’t seem to find the time. What I do love is listening to podcasts and books on tape, because I can do that while I’m in the car. My favorite podcasts are Smartless and Second Life.

If you had an extra hour in the day, how would you spend it?

I would spend time doing some stretching and catching up on all of the binge-worthy shows I never get to watch!

You’re really busy ­– how do you relax at the end of a long day?

Occasionally I love to soak in a bath with my GOOP bath salts. Other than that, I really love enjoying a cocktail with my husband out in our backyard. I like to go light and refreshing with rosé while usually chooses to make a Ranch Water.

LOOK Lifestyle started as a bedding brand, so we have to ask, what is your nighttime routine?

At least four nights a week I cook for my family so that we can all come together and enjoy time with each other. When it’s bedtime, I keep things pretty easy. My skincare routine is so simple; after my shower, I wash my face with a cleanser and then generously apply my MBR cream to my face, neck and décolleté. Most nights I also put my eyelash serum on too.

I keep my bedside table free of clutter. Other than my phone (which stays on vibrate!), I keep my Aquaphor, Grown Alchemist hand cream and pictures of my babies next to me while I sleep. And, of course, I simply cannot live (or sleep!) without my Boobie Pillow! Literally…I’m addicted. The benefits of the Boobie Pillow become so obvious after sleeping with it so much and that extra comfort that comes from sleeping with it is just something I can't sleep without now. 

Once I’m in bed, I enjoy a lighthearted, funny show like Friends. I cannot watch anything dramatic or scary without having nightmares! Then, it’s time to turn the lights off, snuggle into my LOOK Lifestyle Angelina blush sheets ---- 

You can shop LOOK Lifestyle’s products at looklifestyle.com or in-person at Longoria Collection in Houston – you might even run into Elizabeth!