Soaking in Style and Sun - A Look Into Elizabeth's Beach Bag

Summer is here and the beach is calling! Whether you prefer a family trip down to 30A, or a high-end villa in a remote location, a good beach bag is a crucial accessory for any destination. Co-Founder of LOOK Lifestyle, Elizabeth, gives us her go-to bag that is the perfect addition to a summer wardrobe.


What is the beach bag you use and why do you love it?

 My beach bag is one of my favorite things I own!  It is so cute I can't even tell you.  I was my first designer purchase ever.  Right out of college.  It is the most fabulous terry cloth Pucci bag.  It was on sale at Neiman Marcus and I absolutely died for it and had to have it.  I am still completely in love with it to this day.  The most beautifully fun Pucci print in a sea of pastel colors on terry cloth.  I swoon thinking about it. 


Do you go for style or practical when it comes to a beach trip? Maybe both?

 It’s so funny because I am a Pisces and we are supposed to love the water, and I do love the water, but from afar.  I love to sit by the ocean and watch it, I just don't want to get in it really.  So I would say I'm more practical.  I keep it simple with a black swimsuit, some dark sunglasses and a big hat, but i'm telling you, my Pucci bag makes a very blah situation much cuter! 

What are your favorite sun care products for the summer?

If you know me, you know I pretty much stay out of the sun.  My skin is so pale.  My kids and husband love to make fun of me because they all have his gorgeous Italian skin!  I am big into sunscreen especially because melanoma runs in our family.  I really try to buy quality sunscreens.  My favorite products for the last five years have been by Super Goop.  The Play sunscreen is perfect for the kids and am absolutely obsessed with the unseen sunscreen for my face.  It is so light and the entire line is free from toxic ingredients which is very important to me.

What is your beach towel of choice when packing your bag?

 LOOK Lifestyle Babe Towels of course!  I haven't ever taken them to the beach, but they are perfect for poolside!  We love them and the Ice Blue color is just perfect for by the pool.