Your Best Summer Sleep – How to Lighten Your Bed for a Cooler Night’s Rest

As we all know, the Texas heat can be brutal in summer. We are familiar with the sleepless nights when it’s just too hot, and after all the pillow-flipping and box fans, we have found the solution to a cool night’s sleep. From different textures, sheets, and products, our Co-Founder Elizabeth offers her knowledge on luxury linens and bedding for the summer season. 

What are the best sheets to keep you cool this summer?

 Summer calls for the cool, crisp and fresh feel of an all-cotton percale sheeting like our LOOK Lifestyle Angelina sheets.


What textures do you lean towards when it comes to bedding in the summer?

I’ll definitely be reaching for lightweight anything and everything. I use an all-season Down Alternative LOOK Lifestyle duvet with an Angelina percale duvet cover. My Coco Quilt, shams, and Angelina sheet set complete my easy-breezy summer look.


What is the main difference between cotton percale and cotton sateen? Is one favored to warmer months? 

 Cotton percale is thought of as the classic summer sheet. Think of slipping into bed on a hot, muggy summer night to the delight of sheets that feel cool, airy, and weightless to the touch. I adore percale! However, in our world of thermostats being set in some of our homes to mimic the inside temp of a Wolf-Sub-Zero fridge, the silky, caressing, welcoming warmth of sateen sheets could be a plus!


Do you have a favorite product to use before going to sleep?

 My total must haves at night are MBR face and décolleté creams from my esthetician, Deborah Michelson, paired with my Boobie Pillow. To elevate this experience, I slip on the silk Boobie Pillow cover over my Boobie Pillow for added benefits for my face and décolleté… Then I am ready to sleep!


How often should we change out our bedding?

 Good question. I think of bedding as fashion. And just like I’m currently changing my wardrobe to reflect summer, I like to give my bedding a seasonal tweak. Where I live, Houston, Texas, it isn’t known for its dramatically different seasons, but I still enjoy changing the look and layers of my bedding for the seasons. Changing the look of my bedding by reflecting the year-round seasons refreshes my bedroom and my mood!